About Us

The MI Racing Academy was born from a group of enthusiastic, experience racing cyclist who want to put something back into the sport. We feel the best way we can do that to by working with a group of young riders, using our collective expertise and experience to support, encourage and inspire these young races to make a successful transition through the Youth and Junior ranks.

We are back by MI Racing, a hugely successful cycling team based in Coventry, UK. In 2015 we have won 21 World, European and National championships and have over 100 individual race wins.

The same people who are achieving these extraordinary results are now putting something back into the sport via The MI Racing Academy. Our club officials and mentors are all established and proven winners, with great passion and love for our sport.These people have all be around for a while, the Chairman of The MI Racing Academy, for example, has been competing in all aspects of the sort without interruption for the last 670 years!

Its our love of this great sport that keeps us riding and underpins what we aspire to do in The MI Racing Academy. Above all we want our members to have fun riding their bikes. If we can achieve that, we believe the rest will come, at whatever level our riders want to rid at.

The MI Racing Academy – Investing in Our Future