Amelie Wayte


Amelie Wayte
How old are you?

And what school do you go to?

How long have you been riding a bike for?

Do you do any other sports apart from bike riding?

What bike do you ride?

Whats you dream bike, money no object?

Your top 3 most memorable moments on a bike?

What made your most memorable moment so special?

Who is your favorite rider currently riding?

Any riders from the past you really admire?

And finally, if we could give you a ticket to win any race in the world, which would it be and why?

Race Results

14/10/2018National Omnium Youth Support Omnium6th
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Tempo5th
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Points2nd
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Elimination1st
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Scratch1st
08/07/2018National Circuit Champs Scarborough6th
04/07/2018Otley Crits1st
30/06/2018London 2 day10th
30/06/2018London 2 day10th
26/06/2018Mallory Park #121st
19/06/2018Mallory Park #111st
10/06/2018Darley Moor1st
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Kerin3rd
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium TT2nd
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Points4th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Scratch4th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Overall4th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Elimination3rd
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Scratch3rd
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Elimination4th
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Points4th
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Sprint4th
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Overall4th
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium TT5th
24/04/2018Mallory Park #31st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Elimination5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Overall5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Kerin5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Scratch5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium TT3rd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium TT1st
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Scratch3rd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Points2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Overall2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Kerin2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Elimination2nd
24/03/2018Icebreaker #3 Points Final2nd
24/03/2018Icebreaker #3 Elimination8th
17/03/2018Milton Keynes Bowl #31st
17/03/2018Milton Keynes Bowl #31st
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Scratch Race2nd
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Unknown Distance Race3rd
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Points Race Race3rd
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Elimination Race1st
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Scratch1st
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Elimination3rd
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Points6th
27/01/2018Notts & Derby CX Chilwell1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Elimination Race3rd
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Unknown Distance Race4th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Points Race Race3rd
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Scratch Race3rd
13/01/2018British National CX Championships8th
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Elimination Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Scratch Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Unknown Distance Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Points Race Race1st
07/01/2018National Trophy Series: Ipswich7th
10/12/2017National Trophy Series: Bradford10th
03/12/2017East Midlands Regional CX1st
03/12/2017East Midlands Regional CX1st
03/12/2017East Midlands Regional CX1st
16/11/2017Derby Youth Track League2nd
11/11/2017Notts & Derby CX Berry Hill1st
04/11/2017Notts & Derby CX Holme Pierpoint 1st
02/11/2017Derby Youth Track League2nd
08/10/2017National Trophy Series: Derby9th
30/09/2017Notts & Derby CX Alfreton Park1st
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Elimination1st
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Points1st
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Scratch1st
16/09/2017Notts & Derby CX Markeaton Park 1st
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - 4 lap Dash1st
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Unknown distance1st
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Scratch1st
09/09/2017Notts & Derby CX Hardwick Hall1st
03/09/2017West Mids CCL Redditch3rd


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