Callum Twelves


Callum Twelves
ct How old are you?
I was 13 in February
And what school do you go to?
The Bosworth Academy
How long have you been riding a bike for?
Four years and eight months
Do you do any other sports apart from bike riding?
What bike do you ride?
A Planet X road bike and a Moda Fresco track bike

Whats you dream bike, money no object?
Colnago Concept in black with Campagnolo Super Record EPS and Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50’s. Fizik 00 saddle and Zipp SL-70 handlebars
Your top 3 most memorable moments on a bike?
1. Riding 100 miles
2. Winning my first race
3. Riding 50 miles
What made your most memorable moment so special?
Because it was in Mallorca and we did the 2 biggest climbs I’ve ever done and then had over 50 miles to do to complete the ride
Who is your favorite rider currently riding?
Michal Kwiatkowski (and I wrote this before he won Milan-San Remo)
Any riders from the past you really admire?
Fuasto Coppi
And finally, if we could give you a ticket to win any race in the world, which would it be and why?
World Championship because if you win that you are the best in the World and get to wear the rainbow jersey

Race Results

07/05/2019Mallory park #54th
04/05/2019Stratford CC Youth races 5th
30/04/2019Mallory Park #4 3rd
16/04/2019Mallory Park #28th
09/04/2019Mallory Park #19th
04/04/2019YTL points race6th
04/04/2019YTL keirin8th
21/03/2019YTL elimination4th
21/03/2019YTL points4th
21/03/2019Youth track league scratch5th
07/03/2019Track league tempo10th
07/03/2019Track league points8th
04/02/2019Track league tempo race 4th
20/05/2018TLI national championships5th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Points4th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium TT10th
08/05/2018Mallory Park #53rd
01/05/2018Mallory Park #44th
28/04/2018curborough youth races4th
28/04/2018curborough youth races4th
28/04/2018curborough youth races4th
28/04/2018curborough youth races4th
25/04/2018Milton Keynes Bowl youth races#28th
24/04/2018Mallory Park #32nd
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Elimination6th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Kerin5th
17/04/2018Mallory Park #25th
15/04/2018Darley Moor Circuit Races #1 2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium TT8th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Scratch6th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Overall10th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Scratch6th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium TT8th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Overall10th
10/04/2018Mallory Park #16th
07/04/2018Archer Spring Criterium Hillingdon7th
05/04/2018DAYTL #6 Kierin5th
05/04/2018DAYTL #6 Scratch Race6th
05/04/2018DAYTL #6 Tempo5th
24/03/2018Icebreaker #3 Elimination10th
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Scratch Race7th
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Unknown Distance Race2nd
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Points Race Race6th
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Elimination Race5th
17/03/2018Milton Keynes Bowl #38th
24/02/2018Icebreaker #2 Elimination9th
24/02/2018Icebreaker #2 Elimination9th
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Points Race Race8th
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Unknown Distance Race7th
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Elimination Race4th
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Scratch Race6th
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Elimination Race9th
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Unknown Distance Race8th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Scratch Race7th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Unknown Distance Race5th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Elimination Race3rd
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Elimination Race6th
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Points Race Race7th
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Scratch Race9th
06/05/2017Youth Omnium Wolverhampton (Elimination)9th
02/05/2017Mallory Youth League5th
25/04/2017Mallory Youth League7th
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Elimination)8th
18/04/2017Mallory Youth League6th
11/04/2017Mallory Youth League9th
08/04/2017Darley moor4th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Elimination)8th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Points)8th
02/03/2017Youth Track League (Points)9th
31/12/2016Mallory Park RR League Rider of the Year1st
31/12/2016Mallory Park Jewson Team League1st
19/09/2016Darley Moor1st
23/08/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 202nd
16/08/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 192nd
02/08/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 163rd
26/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 151st
13/07/2016Royal Sutton Curborough Series1st
13/07/2016Royal Sutton Curborough2nd
12/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 132nd
09/07/2016Lichfield CC1st
06/07/2016Royal Sutton Curborough1st
29/06/2016Royal Sutton Curborough1st
25/06/2016Darley Moor2nd
14/06/2016Mallory Park RR League TT3rd
12/06/2016BSCA Regional TT Championships3rd
04/06/2016Regional Championships2nd
17/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 63rd
24/04/2016Derby Go-Ride Track - Unknown distance1st
12/04/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 12nd
10/04/2016Darley Moor1st
26/03/2016Milton Keynes3rd
10/03/2016Darley Moor2nd
31/12/2015Mallory Park Jewson Team League1st
31/12/20151 U12 Win
31/12/20148 U10 wins