Josh Giddings


Josh Giddings
jg How old are you?
I was 12 in July
And what school do you go to?
Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy
How long have you been riding a bike for?
Since 3 years (9 years)
Do you do any other sports apart from bike riding?
What bike do you ride?
Raleigh Militis – Sram Red

Whats you dream bike, money no object?
Colnago V1-r black/yellow, Sram Etap, FFWD 35mm carbon wheels, Zipp carbon bars, stem, seatpost, Prologo saddle
Your top 3 most memorable moments on a bike?
1. Winning green jersey Jeugdtour Youth Tour Assen (European) Cat 5
2. Winner BC Youth U12 North West Youth Tour overall
3. Riding out to watch the Tour de France in Harrogate with Jack Brough
What made your most memorable moment so special?
One of my aims in 2015 was to win the green jersey in Assen, on the first day I scored some good points and kept in touch with the leaders through all stages and on the last day I was determined and won all three sprints
Who is your favourite rider currently riding?
Zdenek Stybar
Any riders from the past you really admire?
Jens Voit
And finally, if we could give you a ticket to win any race in the world, which would it be and why?
World road race champs 100%
Because I would get to wear the jersey all year and get noticed I would race as many races as I could in the jersey, lots of autographs

Race Results

26/06/2018Mallory Park #121st
19/06/2018Mallory Park #111st
29/05/2018Friday night mtb series2nd
29/05/2018Mallory Park #82nd
27/05/2018KRUISHOUTEM RR (W) - 1.17.3 Nieuwelingen (U17M)3rd
27/05/2018KRUISHOUTEM TT (W) - 1.17.3 Nieuwelingen (U17M)7th
26/05/2018Wakken (W) - 1.17.3 Nieuwelingen (U17M)8th
22/05/2018Derby Madison Series Overall3rd
22/05/2018Derby Madison Series 60 lap2nd
22/05/2018Derby Madison Series 120 lap3rd
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Points2nd
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Overall1st
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Elimination2nd
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Kerin1st
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium Scratch6th
19/05/2018Wolverhampton Omnium TT1st
15/05/2018Mallory Park #62nd
13/05/2018Darley Moor Cat3/4s1st
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Points1st
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Sprint1st
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Overall2nd
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium Elimination2nd
12/05/2018Newcastle Omnium TT1st
08/05/2018Mallory Park #51st
28/04/2018curborough youth races3rd
24/04/2018Mallory Park #32nd
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Kerin1st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Elimination1st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Overall1st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Elimination1st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium TT2nd
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Scratch1st
17/04/2018Mallory Park #22nd
17/04/2018Mallory Park #22nd
15/04/2018Darley Moor Circuit Races #1 7th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Points3rd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Overall3rd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium TT2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Kerin2nd
10/04/2018Mallory Park #11st
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Scratch2nd
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Points2nd
28/01/2018Police Omnium Support Elimination1st
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Scratch Final3rd
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Points Final5th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Elimination Race1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Unknown Distance Race3rd
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Points Race Race1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Elimination Race1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Scratch Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Scratch Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Elimination Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Unknown Distance Race3rd
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Points Race Race1st
07/01/2018National Trophy Series: Ipswich7th
30/12/2017Notts & Derby CX Bakewell1st
10/12/2017National Trophy Series: Bradford10th
03/12/2017East Midlands Regional CX2nd
16/11/2017Derby Youth Track League1st
12/11/2017National Trophy Series: Shrewsbury8th
04/11/2017Notts & Derby CX Holme Pierpoint 3rd
30/09/2017Notts & Derby CX Alfreton Park2nd
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Points1st
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Scratch1st
28/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Elimination1st
24/09/2017Wielsbeke Youth Race Belgium1st
16/09/2017Notts & Derby CX Markeaton Park 3rd
20/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 11st
20/06/2017Mallory Youth League Overall1st
20/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 21st
13/06/2017Mallory Youth League1st
03/06/2017National series-Hillingdon 5th
09/05/2017Mallory Youth League1st
25/04/2017Mallory Youth League4th
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Overall)1st
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (TT)2nd
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Points)2nd
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Scratch)1st
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Keirin)1st
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Elimination)1st
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Overall)1st
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Keirin)1st
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Points)1st
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Scratch)2nd
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (TT)2nd
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Points)1st
22/04/2017Youth Omnium Halesowen (Elimination)1st
11/04/2017Mallory Youth League2nd
26/03/2017National Youth Series Hogg Hill2nd
25/03/2017Icebreaker Youth (Points)2nd
25/03/2017Icebreaker Youth (Elimination)1st
25/03/2017Icebreaker Youth (Scratch)1st
25/03/2017Icebreaker Youth (Overall)1st
18/03/2017Milton Keynes1st
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Dash)2nd
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Points)1st
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Scratch)1st
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Elimination)1st
11/03/2017Corley Cycles Youth Races3rd
02/03/2017Youth Track League (Points)1st
02/03/2017Youth Track League (Scratch)2nd
02/03/2017Youth Track League (Elimination)2nd
02/03/2017Youth Track League (Dash)2nd
25/02/2017Icebreaker Youth (Elimination)6th
25/02/2017Icebreaker Youth (Scratch)1st
25/02/2017Icebreaker Youth (Points)2nd
25/02/2017Icebreaker Youth (Overall)2nd
02/02/2017Youth Track League (Points)1st
02/02/2017Youth Track League (Scratch)1st
02/02/2017Youth Track League (Elimination)1st
02/02/2017Youth Track League (Dash)2nd
28/01/2017Icebreaker Youth (Overall)1st
28/01/2017Icebreaker Youth (Scratch)1st
28/01/2017Icebreaker Youth (Elimination)1st
28/01/2017Icebreaker Youth (Points)1st
21/01/2017SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 11 U142nd
19/01/2017Derby Arena Youth Track league U141st
19/01/2017Youth Track League (Points)1st
19/01/2017Youth Track League (Scratch)2nd
19/01/2017Youth Track League (Elimination)4th
19/01/2017Youth Track League (Dash)1st
14/01/2017SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 10 U142nd
07/01/2017HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Championships U146th
01/01/2017SRAM Notts & Derby League U14 overall1st
01/01/2017British Cycling National Trophy Series U14 Overall3rd
31/12/2016Mallory Park Jewson Team League1st
31/12/2016Mallory Park RR LeagueU14 Overall2nd
27/12/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 9 U141st
11/12/2016British Cycling National Trophy Series Round 5 U143rd
27/11/2016British Cycling National Trophy Series Round 4 U141st
19/11/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 7 U142nd
13/11/2016British Cycling National Trophy Series Round 3 U146th
10/11/2016Derby Arena Youth Track league U141st
05/11/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 6 U141st
23/10/2016British Cycling National Trophy Series Round 2 U147th
15/10/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 5 U142nd
09/10/2016British Cycling National Trophy Series Round 1 U143rd
01/10/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 4 U142nd
29/09/2016Derby Arena Youth Track league U141st
24/09/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 3 U142nd
17/09/2016SRAM Notts & Derby League Round 2 U141st
15/09/2016Derby Arena Youth Track league U141st
11/09/2016Ottergem (Belgium)1st
02/09/2016Mallory Park Friday Evening Cross 2 U141st
26/08/2016Mallory Park Friday Evening Cross 1 U141st
16/08/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 182nd
09/08/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 173rd
07/08/2016Assen Tour GC Overall1st
07/08/2016Assen Tour Points2nd
05/08/2016Assen Tour Stage 42nd
04/08/2016Assen Tour Stage 32nd
03/08/2016Assen Tour Stage 21st
02/08/2016Assen Tour Stage 11st
01/08/2016Assen Tour Prologue1st
26/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 152nd
19/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 141st
12/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 133rd
05/07/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 121st
28/06/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 112nd
23/06/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 182nd
19/06/2016Doncaster Town Centre2nd
14/06/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 81st
12/06/2016Central region GHS qualifier1st
07/06/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 73rd
04/06/2016Regional RR Championship1st
31/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 83rd
24/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 73rd
17/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 61st
10/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 52nd
03/05/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 41st
01/05/2016Loughborough Campus Criterium1st
26/04/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 31st
23/04/2016Halesowen Youith Omnium3rd
19/04/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 23rd
12/04/2016Mallory Park RR League Round 11st
10/04/2016Darley Moor1st
26/03/2016Milton Keynes1st
19/03/2016Milton Keynes2nd
12/03/2016Darley Moor1st
31/12/2015BC Youth U12 North West Youth Tour overall1st
31/12/2015U12 Mallory Park Road Race League1st
31/12/2015Derby Arena Youth Track league U14 Overall1st
31/12/2014U12 Mallory Park RR LeagueWinner


A day in Majorca:

Breakfast at the table, croissants and nutella and a glass of orange juice. Takes about 10 minutes to eat. Then obviously you've got to have a shower to freshen up. Then into cycling kit and nutrition ready for the ride, by this time Ed has finished his hard boiled eggs and Jims finally had some sleep after the 10 o'clock flight over their hotel and realised his arm-warmers are on the right arm, or in short words they've arrived at the apartment.

Out on the bikes for 60-70 miles, actually by the time we've finished it'll be 85 miles with a cafe stop or two. In the ride we'll spot the odd pros on their 'get fit' camps or riders on exceptionally flash bikes and a bit of banter. Also we have a official competition of who can sprint to the town sign first whoever's first gets a point.

Recently in the week myself, Callum and Ed have completed the ton (100 miles) which was hard, painful and a lot of gritting teeth and getting on with it moments and to start with in the 100 miles we even climbed up one side of the Valdemossa and the Soller which was fantastic.

Around this time we would have arrived back from the ride and we'd have lunch and relax or go swimming in the pool that is the same size as me and as cold as Antarctica. Or go swimming at Eds hotel in their lovely, luxurious, hot, big pool. After this is dinner time either in the house or out at the local restaurant where you can get steak and chips for just 6 euros which is a bargain. Then bedtime for a very well earned sleep!


Posted: February 15, 2017, 8:45 pm
 milton keynes national trophy cyclocross

it had snowed that dull morning. but i wasnt bothered because i knew that the snow would turn into MUD! anyway we arrived and what a que to get in they hadnt opened the gates 2 hours before a race.
eventually we got in, parked and trugded all the jetwash and litres after litres of water to the pits. it  wasnt along walkat least. but this was also a good time to have a sneak peek at the course just looking at the conditions all i could see is snow!

i kited up and went for a couple of laps with my dad  we saw and rode the course in more detail: a steep muddy decent, tall log step runup , a huge mudd runup, a 180 degree turn off camber and finally transfer from tarmac to mudd off camber. ooo and a zig zag horrid run up that is also off camber!

when other races were underway the conditions changed to my prediction at the start. MUD. which is quite suited for me. after i had pitted for my dad in the vetrans race i signed on and headed back to the van changed into race gear, numbers on and straight on rollers, i also carry a watch with me before my races to keep track of time, to do a however long ive got warmup😉 the racing timetable was running late. so i had no rush and just a stroll to the start gridd. we waited until the u 16 were gridded then us. i think i was gridded about 12 i was gridded 1st on second row i chose a smart spot then just waited not anxiousely for the start.

The RACE!!

whistle blew we were off i was in a good position but i went backwards because i knew i would save energy for the slightly off camber mudd and it worked i was storming  on the middle line through the pack then round three muddy corners and all downhill to the first pit section no one entered i didnt then two switchbacks and up the zigzag run up i took it steady not full gas otherwise ill blow then a quick remount and down the steep mud downhill of terror!

mid race it was basically a string of riders that i race with locally and in the road season. it was christian and daniel barnes at the front i think then it was always me and finley who always had the better of me on the running but i would catch up on the tarmac and the technical corners.

the last lap came around and i was at the back of the string and had time to make up on the slightly off camber i gained and gained on the run up up finley had put an effort in and distanced me but i caught daniel barnes up and waited till the steps and attacked! and i distanced him and rode hard to catch up finley and christian who had a gap between them  i caught finley up and he got the better of me again on the little runups. coming round the corners into the pits i was in 7th and could get seventhbut i wanted higher i didnt go into the pits and carried on and fight hard through the best stretch of mud for me and i attacked hard and rode straight past 6th and could see 5th infront i pushed and caught up and it was 2 more corners to the tarmac finish i rode straight past and pushed harder just to make sure  he didnt hang on to me i had a gap in the last corner and sprinted until the line i hit it i smiled!

in the end i was 5th the best result of the season and the last race of the cross season.

11th overall in the trophy series im happy with that as a first year!
thanks to everyone that helped through the season
well done to everyone

bring on the road season

Posted: January 24, 2016, 3:09 pm

British national cyclocross championships

So the national cyclocross championships came, I trained for the big event I was ready to turn up and do well. My target was top 10.
 I warmed up around the course to get prepared. Then sign on had opened to collect my numbers and pit pass for my pit man, which was dad😅, then kit on and ready and straight onto the rollers just a quick warm up 20minutes to get down to the start in time for it about 20minutes before everyone was ready u16 and u14 first the u16 called and gridded and over the basic rules said by commissaries then they called us (u14) up and gridded us I was gridded 3rd row because it was done on the rankings instead of the series which I get but you have to deal with it, I wasn't worried or nervous I was rearing to go the whistle blew flew of the start into the first corner on the tarmac BANG straight transfer from tarmac to grass a quick dismount and run up the hill. Not the start I wished for but no panic

Mid race I jumped onto a group with people I race with I was happy but still a lot of gas left in the tank I jumped to the front our group of about ,4 including me, were fighting for about 9th or 10th. It was always me who took the front into the woods and would always come out infront with about 6 seconds  along the Tarmac/start I would extend but they would always catch me on the slippy, off camber, running section where I always took the wrong line. Then suddenly a front flat but it didn't affect or worry me because I've been learning to ride on a flat recently by getting one out on a traning cross ride! Anyway luckily I was at the back of the group so no one noticed I hung on the back and the pits was just round the corner. Changed onto my clean and ready and waiting bike to give some gas! Into the woods first again and this time Christian (my fellow friend) was behind through the whole woods and we stuck together and worked to get away from the rest. DING DING DING 'laaste ronde' as the belgies would say, it was the last lap and coming of the road past the puncture destination up a bank and a run across a 100m section the. A remount and down another little bank and onto Tarmac. Disaster! my chain had threw it self of the rings because the amount of mud on it . The reason of this is I didn't change the last pit section but I was wrong I should have but i didn't I tried to put it on but I could so I ran, the pits weren't far away but I didn't panic. Into the pits and told my dad what the problem was he gave me a new fresh bike and I felt stronger so I pushed until I was dead I caught up 2 u14 boys who have beat me in recent rounds and instead of messing around I went straight past them I grit my teeth and flew along pushed through the sections where I was good, flew through the woods I caught up even more boys and straight past them I ran hard with my bike on my shoulder then down a thick mud downhill onto some Tarmac and into the finish!

I have learnt a lot from my first cyclocross championships like changing bikes at the right time and not to be scared of everyone passing me! You have just got to keep calm.
The course was absolutely superb it was fun all terrain in it! And finally MUD.😉

Thank you to the pit crew and for everyone cheering me on and helping! Well done to team mi racing and the academy!
                                             Bring on the road season I can't wait!
Posted: January 10, 2016, 11:40 am

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