Leo Bass


Leo Bass
How old are you?
I was 10 in December
And what school do you go to?
Holy Trinity
How long have you been riding a bike for?
Started when I was 4, racing from 5
Do you do any other sports apart from bike riding?
Football for Newark Town and Swimming
What bike do you ride?
Prolite ‘The One’

Whats you dream bike, money no object?
Pinarello Dogma 65.1, Zipp 303 wheels, Shimano DuraAce 9000 groupset, Zipp Bars
Your top 3 most memorable moments on a bike?
1. Winning my first ever race at Darley Moor
2. Finishing 3rd at Letchworth City Centre Races in 2015
3. Competing at Mallory Park RR League and staying with the bunch
What made your most memorable moment so special?
I was the only rider in the race not from Matlock CC, me versus 7 Matlock riders, and I beat them all!
Who is your favorite rider currently riding?
Peter Sagan
Any riders from the past you really admire?
And finally, if we could give you a ticket to win any race in the world, which would it be and why?
World Championship because theres only 1 Champion

Race Results

09/06/2019Darley Moor Circuit races4th
28/05/2019Mallory #810th
25/05/2019Curborough 10th
11/05/2019Regional omnium?2nd
30/04/2019Mallory Park #4 10th
30/04/2019Mallory Park #4 10th
21/04/2019National clarion Easter Crits ,York 5th
30/03/2019Curborough 10th
24/03/2019Severn Valley Circuit Series Rd 110th
29/05/2018Mallory Park #810th
29/05/2018Mallory Park #810th
26/05/2018Litchfield 10th
22/05/2018Mallory Park #79th
15/05/2018Mallory Park #65th
15/04/2018Darley Moor Circuit Races #1 6th
10/04/2018Mallory Park #18th
10/09/2017Darley Moor Circiut Races #51st
20/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 15th
20/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 24th
13/06/2017Mallory Youth League Overall4th
13/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 14th
13/06/2017Mallory Youth League St 26th
30/05/2017Mallory Youth League4th
14/05/2017TLI national youth Crits6th
02/05/2017Mallory Youth League6th
17/04/2017Yarborough Crits3rd
01/04/2017Yorkshire day at the Races #29th
18/03/2017Milton Keynes4th