Our Strategy

Our Strategy describes the way we will go about achieving our goals, in other words the things we are going to do

  • Leverage the experience and knowledge of National and World Champions across all disciplines available within MI Racing to mentor our young riders
  • Train and race together to foster a strong sense of ‘clubship
  • Develop team goals and support the team members in achieving those goals
  • Actively support our riders with training and racing advice. Where requested support them with the development of racing and training programmes
  • Ensure all team activities have a strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment as well as technical and physical development
  • Be small and focussed. Do what we do as well as we can. Quality not Quantity
  • Riders and Mentors meet for team rides or socials at least 8 times a year
  • Take part in at least 2 continental events during the season
  • Encouraging parental support and involvement