Rory Knowles


Rory Knowles
How old are you?
I will be 13 in May
And what school do you go to?
Foremarke Hall
How long have you been riding a bike for?
Started when I was 3
Do you do any other sports apart from bike riding?
Hockey and Triathlon
What bike do you ride?
Dloan Road bike, Moda Track bike

Whats you dream bike, money no object?
S-Works Tarmac with SRAM eTap, Zipp 404 Wheels and Zipp SL-70 Aero bars
Your top 3 most memorable moments on a bike?
1. Winning my first ever race
2. Winning the Golden Lap race at Mallory
3. The first time I ever cycled 50 miles
What made your most memorable moment so special?
I attacked about 200m from the first sprint, I looked back and had about a 50m gap and decided to continue. This was my favourite moment as it was the first time I had attacked and stayed out front to win
Who is your favorite rider currently riding?
Chris Froome
Any riders from the past you really admire?
Fabian Cancellara
And finally, if we could give you a ticket to win any race in the world, which would it be and why?
World Championships, because you would get to wear the rainbow bands for a year and you would be the best in the world

Race Results

08/08/2019Newport Nationals Madison8th
19/07/2019Barnsley Crit U166th
07/07/2019Belgian Youth Tour 9th
19/05/2019TLI National Circuit Champs2nd
14/05/2019Mallory Park #67th
11/05/2019Regional omnium?7th
07/05/2019Mallory park #51st
30/04/2019Mallory Park #4 5th
30/04/2019Mallory Park #4 Bonus Sprint5th
23/04/2019Mallory Park #36th
20/04/2019Dadizele Kermesse, Belgium3rd
14/04/2019Regional omnium Derby10th
09/04/2019Mallory Park #12nd
21/03/2019YTL points8th
16/03/2019MK Criterium Series Rd 24th
07/03/2019Track league tempo7th
07/03/2019Track league points9th
07/03/2019track league scratch8th
23/02/2019Icebreaker #2 elimination8th
21/02/2019Track League Scratch Race7th
21/02/2019Track League Win and Out5th
04/02/2019Track league elimination-scratch10th
26/01/2019Icebreaker-points 8th
26/01/2019Icebreaker-overall 8th
24/01/2019Track league-points race 5th
24/01/2019Track league-reverse win out 3rd
24/01/2019Track league-scratch1st
24/01/2019Icebreaker-scratch final10th
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Tempo2nd
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Points3rd
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Scratch1st
20/09/2018Derby YTL #7 Elimination2nd
15/09/2018Brands Hatch National Youth event 1st
11/08/2018Leicastle Castle Support Race U142nd
07/08/2018Mallory Park #151st
04/08/2018Youth tour of Ireland 9th
22/07/2018Stafford Crit U143rd
20/07/2018Barnsley Crit U144th
19/06/2018Mallory Park #113rd
12/06/2018Mallory Park #102nd
10/06/2018Doncaster Festival9th
05/06/2018Mallory Park #91st
05/05/2018Lee Valley Primavera Series #32nd
01/05/2018Mallory Park #41st
28/04/2018curborough youth races5th
24/04/2018Mallory Park #31st
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Kerin5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Elimination2nd
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium TT5th
21/04/2018Halesowen Omnium Overall4th
17/04/2018Mallory Park #21st
15/04/2018Darley Moor Circuit Races #1 1st
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Overall2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium TT2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Kerin2nd
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Points8th
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Elimination1st
14/04/2018Derby Omnium Scratch2nd
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Points Race Race1st
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Unknown Distance Race1st
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Scratch Race1st
22/03/2018DAYTL #5 Elimination Race2nd
11/03/2018Sunny Rhyl Series #13rd
11/03/2018Sunny Rhyl Series #13rd
24/02/2018Icebreaker #2 Elimination3rd
24/02/2018Icebreaker #2 Points Final8th
24/02/2018Icebreaker #2 Scratch Final4th
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Points Race Race2nd
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Scratch Race1st
22/02/2018DAYTL #4 Elimination Race2nd
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Unknown Distance Race1st
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Points Race Race3rd
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Scratch Race1st
08/02/2018DAYTL #3 Elimination Race1st
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Scratch Final5th
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Elimination9th
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Points Final7th
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Scratch Final5th
27/01/2018Icebreaker #1 Elimination9th
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Scratch Race2nd
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Elimination Race1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Unknown Distance Race1st
25/01/2018DAYTL #2 Points Race Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Scratch Race2nd
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Elimination Race1st
11/01/2018DAYTL #1 Points Race Race1st
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - 4 lap Dash5th
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Scratch6th
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Unknown distance6th
14/09/2017Derby Youth Track League - Scratch4th
11/07/2017Mallory Youth League4th
10/06/2017Darley Moor4th
02/05/2017Mallory Youth League6th
25/04/2017Mallory Youth League6th
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Keirin)9th
23/04/2017Youth Omnium Derby (Scratch)9th
18/04/2017Mallory Youth League5th
16/04/2017NDWSF Tour of Tesco Youth Series15th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Scratch)7th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Dash)6th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Dash)6th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Points)7th
16/03/2017Youth Track League (Dash)6th
02/02/2017Youth Track League (Dash)6th
19/01/2017Youth Track League (Dash)4th